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All about value addition

This module serves as a guide, giving you an overview of how to develop an innovative agribusiness idea(s) to either improve current business operations or set up new enterprise(s).

Food safety, everyone’s business. There are enormous economic, social and environmental benefits to consumers and food business operators (FBOs) when the latter provides safe food. The materials here in provides insights on how FBOs (producers, processors & distributors) can efficiently and effectively enhance food safety.  

Tymax develops commercial private extension services model dubbed village service providers (VSPs). The blended commercial extension services, enables smallholder farmers access essential services including but not limited to agricultural inputs & effective use, market and financial services. Tymax and leading inputs manufactures offers entrepreneurial and technical skills respectively. Leveraging on digital technology, the model offers equal  sustainable jobs creation opportunities to women and youth.  

From improving productivity of every drop of water available for agriculture, to efficient post harvest & processing technologies to convenient ordering & distribution systems, agriculture is ripe for innovation to feed the world.  Digital platforms level the playing field for women and youth to optimize the opportunities.